I am a computational linguist currently working in industry as a speech recognition engineer.

I have a BSc in Computing Science and Linguistics from Simon Fraser University, where I worked at an experimental phonology lab, and a lab that took computational approaches to processing discourse. My experience has been varied, including work in experimental phonology (eyetracking in the visual world paradigm), speech recognition, NLP, discourse analysis, and corpus linguistics methods.

My research interests include:

  • multilingual and multi-user language and speech processing
  • phonetics and phonology
  • low-resource NLP

My philosophy on science is that it should do good in the world and actively include those outside the ivory tower. Science communication is an integral part of the science I want to do, and my definition of SciComm includes engaging the public with my work and communicating complex ideas accessibly.

My pronouns are xe/xem and she/her and I live in British Columbia, on unceded Coast Salish territories. I pronounce my name like [vʌ'sũn.d̪ʱə.ɾaː.'gaʊ.t̪ʌm]. Press the play button below to hear me say my name. I will accept your best approximation of /vʌ'sʊn.da.ra.'gaʊ.tam/.

Vasundhara smiling into the camera with green lipstick
Me, circa 2018